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When the springtime arrives, it brings warmer weather with it, heralding the return of kids wanting to go outside and enjoy some time playing in the yard. Outside play is an excellent way for children to get away from phone and tablet screens for awhile, inviting them to use their imagination and get social by playing with their friends.

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Want to make your kids’ outdoor play a little more fun this year? Make spring and summer a fun time for your children, encouraging outdoor play with some fun building projects.

Build a treehouse.

Treehouses used to be the ultimate hangout spot for any child, so why not bring that back? If you have a tree in your lawn capable of supporting a treehouse safely, think about putting one together for your children to enjoy and let their imaginations run wild in.

Make a swing.

Who doesn’t love swinging? It can be simple to put a swing together, whether you want to make a simple tire swing or put together an entire actual swing set for your children to swing on for hours on end, it isn’t a monumental task to assemble a nice swing.

Put together a small clubhouse.

Kids love somewhere they can play uninterrupted, and what better way to provide some shade for your child to use their imagination than in a fun little clubhouse for your children and their friends? If you don’t have a tree big enough to make a treehouse in, a clubhouse on the ground is the next best thing to build.

Want to put some of these ideas into motion for your child to have a good time outside this year? You can put some of this stuff together on your own, or if you don’t have the time or tools to do it by yourself, you can also count on the help of a friendly handyman in draper ut to get the job done right for your child.